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Modern Gurukul Home of the Teachers.
Modern Gurukul Home of the Teachers.

The school strongly believes in the ancient ‘GURUKUL’ culture. To ensure the overall development of its students round the clock, the school has fully air-conditioned hostels for girls and boys separately. The hostels constitute various similar units of 16 beds, study, dressing room, bathrooms and toilets. Other features of the hostel are common room, reading room, book club, etc. The warden stays in the hostel in order to take care of the children throughout the day and night.

At SRMPS meals are carefully supervised by a dietician and mess committee. Efforts are made to provide a well balanced, nutritious, vegetarian diet with a variety of dishes. Special attention and care is paid towards the maintenance of hygienic condition in the mess. Fresh fruits, juices, salads and milk are a part of their daily meals.

Schools, especially boarding schools form the perfect platform where students from diverse socio - economic backgrounds meet, study and live together. To lend a sense of unity, a common uniform has been prescribed not merely during school hours but even during the evening games hour or when students relax in the Common room the outcome of this similarity in attire is both smartness and uniformity.

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