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Modern Gurukul Home of the Teachers.
Modern Gurukul Home of the Teachers.
Boarding House

We have 4 Hostels for Boys and 1 Girls Hostel, each with a capacity of about 100. Each Hostel generally has 3 House Parents. There is a common room on each floor. Students are allotted dormitories and cupboards. They must endeavor to keep their dormitories clean. They must put up their wet clothes to dry only at places that are meant for the purpose.All clothes must be tagged. Cupboards, when not being used, should be locked and duplicate keys must be submitted to the House Parents.


Wake Up Call & Morning Activity
The Boarders are given the wake up call at 5 AM. They are required to prepare their beds and report for the morning activity to their respective House Parents. The students are made to either jog or swim or do some stretching exercises or yoga in turns. During tournaments, the teams can utilize this time for rigorous work outs.

Morning Bath
A bathroom having several wcs, wash basins, urinals and showers are attached to each dormitory. Hot water is provided in the winters. Boarders are expected to bathe once every day. Boarders are expected to use their own towels and toiletries. They must hang their washed undergarments to dry only in the places that are specifically assigned to them.

Attendance, Prayer, Uniform Check & Breakfast
After getting ready for school, the boarders assemble in front of their hostels for head count and the morning mantra. The wardens inspect their uniforms and accompany them to the dining hall for breakfast. Thereafter, the children proceed to the school building for their classes.

General Assembly
The day begins with the raga of the day. A mantra is recited by the Prefect and repeated by the scholars.

The school choir renders the morning prayer in English to the accompaniment of music. The Prefect on Duty reads the Prose Prayer for the day and the Pledge. The theme of the week, word of the day, thought of the day are read out along with the news headlines. The activities of the day are announced after which the Principal addresses the assembly. The Assembly breaks up after the National Anthem.

Junior Lunch & Senior Lunch
The juniors break for lunch half an hour before the seniors. The girls have their meals in the first floor dining hall. Day Boarders who have opted for the Mess facility are provided lunch and evening snacks.

An afternoon nap of 40 minutes in the dormitory. In a life full of activity, it is essential for each child to lie down for a while and recharge his batteries.

Evening Games & Hobbies
The Boarders get 90 minutes to play a game of their choice. We have trained coaches in Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Judo, Badminton, Volley Ball, Kho Kho, Athletics and Swimming.

Girls can choose one of several hobbies and take training in dance, music, public speaking, dramatics, creative writing and fashion design. A child is expected to enroll himself in one hobby and one sport in the span of one academic year.

Snacks and tea are served in the dining hall after the evening games.

Evening Study
Special classes are held in the core subjects for all Boarders for 2 hours (Class I-IX) and for 2 and a half hours for the senior scholars. Teachers come from outside to resolve the difficulties of the scholars. Most of these teachers are young students from the university nearby. Students are advised to make the best use of this opportunity. Tardy scholars may be pulled up from time to time so that they remember the purpose why they are here.

Junior Dinner & Senior Dinner
The students of Classes I-IX get over with their studies at 7.30 and go for dinner. The senior Classes study till 8 and go for their dinner.

Free Time
Students are allowed to go to their dorms and roam around in the Hostel area, or watch TV till 9 when milk is served to the Juniors and 9.15 when it is served to the Seniors.

Self Study
The students are supposed to complete their home work from 9.30 onward's and do self study till 11 o' clock.

Lights Out
All lights are switched off at 11.

Exit Rules

  • Weekly Boarders are allowed to go home after the Evening Classes on the Second and Fourth Saturdays of every month and return on Sunday before dinner. In some cases, they may return on Monday, before school provided they have intimated the Hostel Superintendent.
  • Only the Local Guardians whose identities are registered with the school office will be allowed to take the Boarders home. Students will not be sent home with drivers.
  • Medical Outings are given only to those in need of surgery, or students suffering from serious diseases.
  • Self outings are not permitted, unless the Father gives a request in writing stating that the school will not be responsible for the consequences.
  • Emergency Outings can be granted in extreme exigencies like death or serious accidents.
  • Students will have to get their baggage checked on their return for objectionable materials and eatables. All eatables, except fresh fruit in limited quantity, will be confiscated. Mobile phones and cash once confiscated will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • The SRMPS App should be used by parents for requesting exacts.

Gadgets, Appliances & Objectionable Material

  • Resident Scholars are not allowed to bring mobile phones and laptops to the Hostels. Strict action, including suspension or immediate expulsion from the Boarding House, will be taken against those who are found using any of these items.
  • Students are not allowed to smoke, chew pan masala or consume alcohol. Discovery of Objectionable Material including pornography in the possession of any student will make him liable for immediate expulsion.
  • Students are allowed to keep i-pods, under information to their House Parents.

Swimming Pool

  • In the Swimming Season, boys and girls will be allowed to use the pool separately.
  • Students should turn up in proper swimming costumes.
  • No one is allowed to enter the pool unless there is a life guard or a coach.
  • Eating and drinking cold drinks in the pool area is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are advised to have a bath before entering the pool.


  • We have an Infirmary with 14 beds, a nurse, a peon and a visiting doctor.
  • As a rule, only First Aid is given in the Infirmary along with regular pills for common ailments.
  • Sick children are examined by the Visiting doctor who visits the Infirmary thrice a week.
  • In case, the child is referred to an expert for treatment, the nurse gets the medical outing from the hostel superintendent and accompanies the child to the hospital.
  • Children must not eat outside food on these outings as it could be harmful to health.
  • The medicines are procured from a drug store known to the school and given to the respective wardens who hand it over to the students when they are required.
  • Self medication is strictly prohibited.
  • The cost of the treatment is debited to the Imprest account of the students.


  • Parents are not allowed to bring cooked food when they come to meet their wards.
  • Non vegetarian food is not allowed on the campus.
  • Students who bring food from outside after holidays must deposit it with their wardens to prevent theft. The school is not responsible for the loss, if any, of such items.


  • Students are allowed to celebrate their birthdays in the Boarding House.
  • Parents must ensure there is sufficient money in the child's Imprest account. Eatables can be procured on request for these Birthday Parties from the Imprest account.
  • All celebrations will take place in the dining hall only, after getting the requisite recommendation from the House Parent and written permission from the Hostel Superintendent.
  • Making too much noise and dirtying up the place may invite disciplinary action which includes cancellation of the celebration.
  • Parents are requested not to bring eatables from outside for these celebrations as it is not possible for us to ascertain the quality of these items.

Dorm Norms

  • Absolute silence must be maintained in the dormitories.
  • Each child is expected to make his bed before coming to school. The counterpanes provided by the school should be used to cover the beds.
  • Cupboards must be arranged on Sundays.
  • Touching the CCTV cameras is a major offence and the child will be fined if he is found fiddling with them.
  • All lights and Air conditioners must be switched off before leaving the dorms.

Dinning Hall Norms

  • Wasting food is a serious offence. Students are encouraged to eat as much as they want but in several helpings. Too much food should not be taken in the beginning.
  • All meals are to be taken in silence.
  • Students must say the prayer before and after meals.
  • Children are expected to carry their plates to the bin after eating.
Facilities Available


  • Food is available in the canteen for resident scholars on payment.
  • Cash is not accepted in the canteen. Students have their canteen cards which can be used for buying food.
  • The cost of these items is debited to the Imprest Account of the student.
  • Canteen cards must be blocked if they are lost or stolen.
  • Parents can request the school authorities to block these cards if they feel that their wards are over-using or misusing these cards.


  • Resident scholars are expected to have 5 sets of uniforms, properly tagged.
  • Soiled clothes are put in the dhobi bags and left on the beds before going to school.
  • Students are expected to make a list of the clothes that are going to the laundry on sheets that are available with the House Parents.
  • Soiled clothes are taken by the laundryman twice a week on fixed days.
  • All laundry has to be checked on arrival and discrepancies, if any, must be pointed out to the House Parents immediately.


  • Resident scholars are permitted movie outings once a month.
  • The whole Boarding House goes to a multiplex and gets to watch the latest of movies that are released.
  • Snacks and drinks are provided in the auditorium.
  • The cost is debited to the Imprest Account.
  • In addition to these, movie shows are held in the school auditorium from time to time in which old English classics and educational videos are shown.


  • Each hostel has a television set which is attached to a set up box.
  • Resident scholars can entertain themselves during their leisure time.
  • Any breakage to school property has to be made good.
  • Senior students are strictly warned not to watch television in the Junior students Hostels


  • All dormitories and common rooms have CCTV cameras to record unusual activities and movements.
  • Students are expected not to tamper the angles of these cameras.
  • A general fine will be imposed if these cameras are damaged and the names of defaulters are not known.
  • Any damage to these cameras has to be reported to the House Parents immediately.

Evening Classes

  • Teachers from outside are hired to guide our resident scholars in the evenings during study hours.
  • Most of these teachers are likely to be university and engineering students.
  • Scholars tend to take them for granted since they are young boys and girls. Any report of misbehavior with the evening teachers will be viewed seriously by the school administration.
  • It is impossible to learn anything from a teacher if you do not accord him or her the respect that every teacher deserves.

Hair Cuts

  • A barber visits the school on Wednesdays or Thursdays.
  • Each student is expected to get a hair cut at least once a month.
  • Senior students should shave in the morning and come to school.
  • Those who have fancy hair styles will be given a defaulters' hair cut.
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