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We encourage those students who are ready to take up challenges
We encourage those students who are ready to take up challenges
Annual Function 2018 Report

The evening of 3rd November 2018 was marked by vitality, bliss and enormous talent when students showcased variety of acts, dances and songs on the eve of Annual Day based on theme Moksha. The theme was based on a desire to depict the process of evolution through self composed songs and acts of some unsung Heroes / Kings / Queens like Martanda Verma of Travancore, Abbakas of Ullal, King of Beharaich, 21 Sikhs of Saragarhi, Rani Durgawati, Ahoms of Assam, Subhash Chandra Bose and the like who stood the test of time and defeated mighty intruders in the recent past.

The programme began with the Welcome Speech of Major Rajesh Ranjit, The Principal. He stated about the present Kalyug, seem to have pathetically degraded us. It is resulting in severe damage to environment, wild life and each other as humans, now to the extent of causing a threat to our very own survival. Thus, leading to our extinction. The Principal also spoke on the theme which carved out the possibilities on how we can be guided by the simplicity of our own cultural wealth of wisdom.

The programme progressed by Lamp lightening, Floral welcome and Memento presentation to the guests.

The occasion was graced by the Chief Guest, The Mayor, Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia. The Mayor appreciated the theme and promoted citizens to involve pro- actively in Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and to be at top in the India’s cleanest cities in coming 2019. The Guests of Honor were Mrs. Manjula Jhunjhunwala and Mr. Shakti Singh who admired the theme Moksha. They also praised the efforts portrayed by the students and blessed them.

After mesmerizing performances, Shri Laxmi Narayan Agarwal, Chairman, Shri Ramswaroop Public School, appreciated the students. He also adviced students, not to invest more time on computer and other gadgets as it directly leads to mental and physical destruction. Mrs. Pooja Agarwal and Mrs. Shruti Agarwal, the Directors also cherished the performances.

The event reached its end by Thanks Speech of Mrs. Nandini Lahiri, Head Mistress. She congratulated Mrs. Archana Pandey, Coordinator and all the Educators and Students who were involved in one or the other way for putting up an excellent show. Lastly, the National Anthem was sung.

Autumn Sonata 2017
Day 1

Sonata D1 1


Sonata D1 3

Sonata D1 4

Sonata D1 5

Sonata D1 6

Sonata D1 7

Sonata D1 8

Sonata D1 9

Sonata D1 10

Day 2

Sonata D2 1

Sonata D2 2

Sonata D2 3

Sonata D2 4

Sonata D2 5

Sonata D2 6

Sonata D2 7

Sonata D2 8

Day 3

Sonata D3 1

Sonata D3 2

Sonata D3 3

Sonata D3 4

Sonata D3 5

Sonata D3 6

Sonata D3 7

Sonata D3 8

Annual Functions Celebration's

The tradition continues and, this year, yet again Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School came up with kaleidoscope of programmes for its Annual Function. The soiree combined with theatrics and young talent was not just and entertainment event but a motivation to the student to showcase their attributes on the school platform.

Vande Maatram

Janta Pagal Ho Gayi



Salsa Dance

Rock Band

Shadow Dance

English Play

Primary Play

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