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SRMPS Workshop & Exhibitions

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Good Memory, Good Results is Universal Truth

Day 1
The students of SRMPS Senior section, began their day on the 27th of January 2017 with a stimulating workshop on Memory Enhancement by Mr. Tushar Chetwani, a renowned memory trainer who holds many world records in the field. Mr. Chetwani is also the author of the National Bestseller ‘Memory Infinite’. The workshop was organized to help the students increase their potential to memorize things more effectively and efficiently. Various problems faced by students during exams were discussed and the aim of the workshop was clarified to the students, which was to fortify the endeavours of students in learning, by opening new vistas of memory in the students’ brains which would help them to memorize their syllabus easily.

Day 2
The second day of the workshop on 28th January 2017 started with a lot of excitement among students. The fascinated students were eagerly waiting to be introduced to the different applicable ways of memory enhancement. Mr. Tushar asked the students to learn some words which were displayed on the screen and later helped them learn the pattern to remember the sequence. Mr. Tushar applauded their efforts when soon the students performed as expected. Students were told about the results of positive thought process.

Day 3
On the third day of the workshop on 30th January 2017, the students were extremely curious to learn more tricks and techniques to enhance their learning of different subjects. Students were taught how to find out the day of any date from the past.

Day 4
The 4th and the last day of the workshop on 31st January 2017 witnessed the students applying all that they had learnt in the last three days. The students excitedly completed all tasks as expected. The involvement of the students was commendable. Each student was provided with a CD and Information material regarding memory enhancement programme.


Orientation Programme for Teachers

On 26th & 27th of March 2010, the faculty members of SRMPS attended a wonderful and eye opening Orientation Program. The two days program was conducted by Mr. & Mrs. Akshay Wal. The Orientation Program’s main motive was the personality development of teachers.

Following Points were discussed.

  1. Inter – personal skill.
  2. Various methods of handling the situation
  3. Identifying each one’s personality type

    a) Sanguine
    b) Choleric
    c) Melancholic
    d) Phlegmatic

  4. By knowing the personality type how to overcome the problem
  5. How to handle criticism
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Anger Management
  8. How should one start afresh relationship?
  9. Team and Team’s Importance
  10. Discussed the reasons for failure of team.
  11. To develop observation skills.
  12. Time management – how to handle urgent and important work.
  13. Discussed about character, competence and commitment.
  14. Discussed the reasons for doing the work single handed.
  15. Importance of communication.

We hope that this orientation program is going to bring a revolution in our day to day activities so that we can improve the teaching, and successfully handle the students. We understood the importance of communication in developing better inter personal relationship. We realized the importance of team work, conflict management and time management.

Mrs. Rani Ramaswamy
PGT Business Studies

Art and Craft Workshop

An Art and Craft workshop on Clay modeling was held in the school on Saturday i.e.17th April. The children of the primary section got an opportunity to try their hands at dough modeling with the help of colorful dough that came in attractive plastic jars. The teacher showed them how to make a Teddy bear but the children surprised her with more creative ideas of their own and making things like mobile phones, python, dolls, kettle, smiley face, dog and telephones. Class K.G. enjoyed the most when they pressed the modules against the dough and the figure of different animals popped out. Next was the turn of paints which gave a 3 D effect to the cards made by the children. The embossed design was very attractive and easy to make by just squeezing the plastic tubes which left an impression on paper which looked like a piece of modern art.

The workshop was enthusiastically attended by teachers and students alike and it helped the teachers to get an insight into the different ways the children can show their creativity.

Gurmeet Bakshi
Teacher Class 1

Career Counseling Workshop

Career! A word that puts number of students in a dilemma. The first thought that comes to mind is what to do after XII? How to build our career? How to get a good job? This state of confusion is something most youngsters experience. Our school arranged a workshop on career counseling on 3rd April,2010 by Career Launcher, Lucknow, to give us some information about different job opportunities, for students from different streams like Commerce Science etc.

Our interactive session started at 11:00 clock by a professional counselor Mr. Rajiv Agarwal, who belonged to Career Launcher. The workshop was attended by Principal Ma’am, Vice – Principal Sir and students of classes X and XII. It started with a simple question regarding how many of us had decided our career option and only, 2% had clear goals out of a total of 50 students present. The workshop proceeded with the presentation of various slides about different courses like, “Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), LAW”. “Hotel Management”; “Engineering”. These slides gave the information about various new options and about how to prepare and proceed in the direction of achieving our goals. The main points covered by them were the type of preparation needed for entrance exams; best college placements; packages offered; courses; study materials etc.

Clarity of purpose and goal was stressed most in the whole session. We should be sincere enough towards our studies and concentrate on the basics. Good reading habits and general awareness were stressed upon. “Time Management” was also an important topic that was widely discussed. At the end of the workshop, we had a one – to – one counseling session, where students sorted out their individual problems. We got a lot of information from this workshop and it boosted the confidence level of the students.

Akash Mishra
XII– B (Com)

Music Workshop

Music plays a very important role in our life; if we are angry and we listen to music it changes our mood.

So to relax us in the activity period this Saturday we had a music workshop conducted in our school by ‘Jalota Music Academy’. We were very excited to be a part of this workshop as we were all ready to soothe our ears by listening to some foot tapping music. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sachin Singh Chauhan and his band mates and it took place in our school auditorium. The workshop was conducted on the 8 th of May. It was a very melodious workshop. They sung various songs from various genres like Papa kehte hain, All is well, Haan tu hai and more. They also told us about the importance of music and the soothing effect it has on the minds of all age groups. The students enjoyed themselves to the core. Some students from our school like Akshay Singh and Sarthak Rastogi also added to the musical workshop. Our music teacher Ekta ma’am also sang various tracks. All the students were spell bound and then after spending some time with the geniuses of music finally the workshop came to an end. It was a fun filled experience for all the students and we wish to have more of such melodious workshops in school.

Sagar Agarwal

Radio Jockey (Workshop)

These days workshop are very common. In our school also, workshops take place very frequently.

Recently we had a workshop on Radio Jockeying which was conducted by the RJ of Radio Mirchi (98.3) Mr. Arjit. He also added many fun activities in it which we enjoyed a lot. He told us about the importance of radio in our life. He explained that radio directly makes its place in our mind. What the RJ’s say we directly make an image of it in our mind.

He also explained very minute things which we should keep in our mind every time. He told us that we should avoid saying common things which other people also say about themselves. We should always tell interesting things which other people would remember for a long period of time. He also told the value of communication skills in our life. Then he discussed the things which we should keep in mind while giving any competitive examination or an interview. He suggested that we should speak about those things only about which we have detailed knowledge and can answer any sort of questions on that topic.

We also performed an on the spot skit which we prepared in a given time i.e. 20 minutes. We also modified the scenes of movies which were chosen by us. All this work was done in groups which taught us team – spirit. At last, I would like to say that all it was a very informative as well as fun filled one week workshop.

Rajat Shukla
XI– Comm

NIE Workshop

If you think that by winning lottery or by doing a job of a million dollar will leave you feeling contented for the rest of your life, think again, money can buy you only a handful of happiness but by working for the needy and backward sections of the society, for those who are deprived of basic necessities will definitely give you on awesome feeling of mental satisfaction.

On 3rd July 2010 a work shop was conducted by Times, which was addressed by Mr. Surya Pratap Singh who told us how to excel in and solve the problems in whatever sphere we choose. He also told us how we can work for the welfare of the common people, how we should choose a profession which not only gives us an opportunity to make money but also to help the people in our society. He also told us how we can achieve objectives by just working a little extra. The main goal and objective of the session was to draw our attention towards those in genuine need of help but are ignored by policemen and political leaders. His oratory skills were good enough to encourage us for supporting them and changing the planet with our efforts.

Ankit Raj
XI – Comm

Workshop on CLAT

As career plays an important role in our life. After Class Xth students become more concerned about their career, as they have to decide their streams. The days are gone when people think about becoming doctors and engineers only. Now students have many options. They can opt for designing, architecture, civil services etc.

Law is also a good profession with excellent scope. Now days, a lawyer could fetch more money and reputation than a doctor or an engineer. Those who want to become lawyers have to qualify CLAT. CLAT stands for Common Law Admission Test. On Saturday (10th July, 2010) afternoon we were informed about a career counseling. All the students attended the workshop and I was surprised to know about the opportunities, in law which was available for us. It is high time we started thinking about the welfare of our own society.

Only one exam with 5 subjects is conducted in CLAT. Since, very few students participate in this examination as compared to IIT, so placement is higher with fruitful salary. The five subjects which are tested in the exam are – English, Math’s, General Knowledge, Reasoning and logical questions. We should not wait for others. Let’s join hands to eradicate the corruption and take a stand to make our society a better place to live by motivating the maximum people we come in touch with to become law abiding citizens .

Ashutosh Shukla
XI Science


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