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Message from Principal

Greetings to all Parents and well-wishers,

I am here as a petite and humble educationist and on the behalf of all my educators & staff to talk to you on the authentic sense of education and its ideals. Education in true terms reflects the creation of something exclusive, striking and inimitable. And this is what we aim to acquire in our School every day i.e. inquire, research, analyze, synthesize, create, evaluate and apply the learnt and intuitive knowledge. For this we necessitate the use of all our human faculties: Our head, hand and heart and not just use our Head which makes one ‘Head heavy.’

Decades back Gandhiji said, End doesn’t justify the means.’ So, the means and the processes are very important for us. This is what is of utmost significance in education….. ‘Participation of all students, as each and every child is important to us’. Swami Vivekananda said, ‘Education is drawing out of the pupils, and not dumping in of information.’ This very principle is followed here. Educators confer with children, conceptualize, debate and discuss, dissent and consent, voting and consensus, research and experiment along with students. I am really proud of my students and educators for this.

In the same light and with same energy we invite the cooperation and understanding on the part of our parents to facilitate us, establish holistic educational principles and ideals in the School which provide equal opportunity to each and every student to relish her/his fullest and true potential. This we do in the available time which in fact reduces our time for syllabus completion, to bring in academic rigor, repeated testing, volumes of copy correction and spoon feeding for some weak students with expected questions and answers before the exams. I earnestly hope that we understand, quality is more important as compared to quantity and the actual quality of education needs to be our focus as compared to mere mugging up of answers to gain more marks in exams. Understanding of concepts by students is extremely essential than trying to complete volumes of syllabus without any comprehension.

To meet this intention, I need the cooperation and appreciative understanding of our amorous parents. This is the reason I chose to conduct frequent PTM and PTA meetings. The initiative was also to select some dynamic PTA members who would contribute in healthy discussions on excellence of education once every month.

In the previous meetings we already had deliberations on understanding ‘what quality education is all about?’… It is definitely not about the building or green lawns around or the fat course books, but has much to do with quality of educators, child centeredness, quality of teaching-learning processes, training and exposure of educators and active involvement of all the important stake holders, leaders, management, students and parents. We also discussed on a range of multiple intelligence and the learning approach of students. Different students learn differently. Some learn by hearing, some learn by seeing, some learn by doing, some gain knowledge musically and some attain it artistically while some like to learn alone. On the other hand, some like to study in pairs or groups, some grasp best when in natural surrounding and some by playing or doing some activity.

Every child is not born to become an engineer or a doctor or to crack the MBA entrance exams. Nor a child is born to be a computer programmer. Each child is unique. Parents need to realize the true potential of their child and accordingly promote them to pursue their interests and not gratuitously force them into studying. Here, it is imperative to recognize the pious aim of education which is to aid students to grow into responsible and caring adults who would contribute productively in society to bring about a harmonious and peaceful world and lead a contented, meaningful and creative life. Nature made us all ingenious beings…somewhere in the process of education we lose it and life befalls colourless and tasteless.

It is quite inopportune that we possess a very slender aim of education, which is to force students into rote learning for speaking and writing English, mathematics or science without being skillfully involved in it and follow the subject superficially as fast as possible in order to secure good marks, which one day may help one to secure a seat in a fine college and further get a high paying job. This is disappointingly an erroneous and destructive process. We make puppets out of children with such processes. We should all join our hands in favour of our children, and stand against these negative processes.

We ought to concentrate on mounting humble values, life skills and thus, the all-round personality of the child, of-course along with enhancing basic language, numeracy and logical skills. We should all join hands to nurture and develop the 21st century skills of students as also advocated by UNESCO.

Today, I also wish to leave you with some deep questions! Can we call ourselves an evolved race or specie when we look at the state of affairs?…..the pollution, global warming, demolition of forests in the name of urbanization, unhealthy materialism, corporatization of education, selfish consumerism disharmony, crimes against women and children, pathetic and dismal status in the field of education, diminishing moral and ethical values and many such ills that mankind faces today.

The most important question I yearn to leave is, “Are we more civilized today than our ancestors?” “Did the industrial revolution and green revolution do any good to us or caused more damage?”

My answer to most of the questions is negative; still I have one powerful optimistic feeling called ‘Hope- Hope in our children and educators’.

Major Rajesh Ranjit

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