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SRMPS Celebrations

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Basant Panchami Celebration in SRMPS

Since the chilling air of winter has changed into soothing cold breeze, here comes the spring season known as Basant or Vasant in India, one of the six Indian seasons. Because of its strong significance in Hindu mythology, Basant Panchami is one of the most important festivals in India. To mark this day, on the 10 Th of February, 2019; Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public school celebrated Basant Panchami in their school campus at Faizabad road by doing Saraswati Poojan. Goddess Saraswati is known as the Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom and Speech and therefore, is worshipped in educational institutes and organizations on the day of Basant Panchami. Generally, Goddess Sarawati’s idol is worshipped on this day. To make it remarkable at the same note, the school did it by organizing Devi Poojan in the presence of all students and teachers, mainly focused on the board going children. In the morning assembly, when all students and teachers were gathered for prayers, everyone was asked to close their eyes and pray to Goddess Saraswati to come and bless them. A priest from outside was called to maintain the seriousness of the event. Unlike the common school uniforms, all students including teachers were dressed in yellow colured attire which gave students a bundle of excitement. The priest highlighted that Yellow signifies cheerfulness, wisdom, auspiciousness and intellectuality, is a symbol of spring. After the Saraswati Poojan, hawan was done wherein board going students were chosen to do that. The Principal Major Rajesh Ranjit shared that ‘’we chose students for the hawan because they are apprentice of knowledge and education and Saraswati is known as goddess of wisdom” Finally, the priest told that “it is strongly believed that Vasant Panchami is a pious day to start any new work. So children should begin their diligent studies in order to get success in their life.”

The closing of the celebration was marked by the distribution of Prasad to all the people present in the school premises.

Basant Panchami Celebration in SRMPS
Basant Panchami Celebration in SRMPS


Students of 11th grade of the Shri Ramswaroop memorial public School, gathered on 31st of January’19 to bid farewell to the outgoing class XII batch. The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. The School Auditorium was festooned with golden, black and pink shining stars and dazzling lights. The theme of the valedictory party was ‘shimmer and shine’. The ceremony started with the welcome of class XII students, followed by the tradition of marking tika and offering flowers. Kavya Khandelwal, Rashmi Verma, Ajay Chauhan and Abhishek Pathak, the students of class XI, welcomed the 12th graders and hosted the farewell party named BON VOYAGE. The auditorium was set ablaze with self-introduction by class XII students. Later, various cultural performances were shown on the stage. An incredible dance item presented by class XI students was well applauded. Another group of students i.e. a mixed bunch including Science, commerce and Arts stream students together gave a scintillating dance performance and the pulsating music rocked the ambience. Variety of snacks were distributed during the party which everyone relished. In between the programmes, titles were given to the students of 12th along with a gift as token of love with the song played in the background. The hosts put various questions and the students replied to them during the programme. After then, the School Principal Major Rajesh Ranjit delivered a short and crisp speech for the board-going children and sang a melodious number “Khaike pan Banaras wala” on the joyful demand of the passing out batch. The much-awaited moment of the day arrived later when Ajmeri was declared Mr. SRMPS while Tejasvi Rana was adjudged Miss SRMPS. Aditya Singh, was given the Mr. Popular award. All were looking stunning in the sache and Tejasvi was looking cute and adorable with that embellished crown over the head. Abhishek Pathak, one of the hosts of the day gave the vote of thanks. Finally, the party ended when all the students came down from the auditorium and rocked the Dj floor.

Farewell 2019
Farewell 2019

Republic Day at SRMPS

26th January, a day of great importance for all Indians is always celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm in SRMPS. This year too on the morn of the 70th Republic Day, our school, clad in tricolour hues, reverberated with the melodious patriotic strains. Everyone seemed to be filled with immense energy. The glowing faces of the students, so involved in the various activities revealed their excitement to perform on the pious day. The event started with the unfurling of the flag by our Director, Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal. Directors, Ms. Shruti Agarwal and Ms. Pooja Agarwal were also there to grace the occasion with their presence. The unfurling of the National flag was followed by the enthusiastic rendition of the National Anthem.

The programme commenced with an enchanting dance performance on 'Ekla Chalo Re' which was prepared under the guidance of Ms. Kalyani. It began with a lovely solo performance by Himanshi Pal, a student of VI th standard and further a mix of students from VI to VIII standards mesmerised all with their graceful dance moves. Next was the dance performance which had students from II nd to VIII th standard. This performance on 'Achyutam Keshvam' was prepared by Ms. Arundhati with 'Unity' as the theme. This was a truly soul stirring performance which left the audience speechless. A melodious song of peace was then sung by the school choir. The students were mentored by their music teacher, Mr. David. After the song was the turn of Mr. Mighty, the theatre Teacher's team of talented wonder kids who took all by surprise with their amazing mime. It portrayed how breaking rules results in formation of law. Then came the soulful singing of 'Ye Duniya Jaan Le' by the school choir which was prepared under the supervision of our music teacher, Mr. Chinmay. The Judo students introduced self defence moves and later the athletes of SRMPS performed gymnastics. The Director, Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal, in his speech, praised the efforts put in to conceptualise the whole programme. He asked everyone to always remember to be proud of our ancient civilisation and to keep striving to get better and always try and make a difference. To recognize the infinite possibilities brewing all around and become better citizens. The program concluded with a short and crisp Vote of Thanks by the Principal of the institution, Maj. Rajesh Ranjit, wherein he thanked all the students and educators for the efforts put in to make it an eventful day. The compering of the entire programme was very efficiently done by the anchors, Anushka from class XB and Avinash from class IX, under the supervision of Ms. Ruchira Singh and Mr. Kamta Prasad. The anchors made everyone cheer enthusiastically for the nation and then sweets were distributed amongst the students.

SRMPS Republic Day
SRMPS Republic Day
SRMPS Republic Day
SRMPS Republic Day
SRMPS Republic Day


Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial School celebrated Makarsankranti with great enthusiasm. This fest is known as Pongal, Maghi etc. in other parts of the country and is believed traditionally to mark the arrival of spring in our country. It is a festival all about prayers, Khichadi, kites and sweets. The celebration reached to its crescendo when on 14th January, at 9 A.M., the entire younger lot i.e. the boarders of classes 1-8 came together; said loud prayers, shared sweets and wished each other along with their house parents Mr. S.P. Das, Ram Laxman and Anil. The students were told about the importance of this fest and also at the same time, one of the house parents, Mr. Ram Laxman shared the significance of eating Khichadi and other essentials of the day. The children seemed to be elated as under the special technical guidance of Mighty Gibson, they were guided to make their own kites and trained how to fly those kites high in the sky. Kite flying was the major attraction of the day as children were made to enjoy lot from 9 -1 p.m. Thereafter, in lunch, Khichadi, curd, Pickle, green chutney, radish and ghee was served which is considered to be the special meal of the day. All were gladdened and post lunch went to their respective rooms for rest.

Makarsankranti SRMPS
Makarsankranti SRMPS

SRMPS Annual Fete

SRMPS Annual Fete, named 'Masquerade' was a wonderful day filled with much laughter, fun and community spirit building activities. The Fete Committee, administrators and students worked tirelessly to prepare for 25th November i.e. for the main day. It was open for all the parents, boarders,day boarders and their acquaintances.

The rides, games, food arena and live entertainment through singing, dancing,mono acting etc. were all extremely successful.

The success of this year’s fete is credited to many; however, it was specially the fete convener, Mrs. Archana pandey who was fundamentally behind the success of this fantastic Sunday fest.

Mother nature turned on the sunshine with a touch of soft blowing wind which helped to make our fete a truly wonderful event.

This year there was one major difference i.e. the students were given charge of the stalls instead of the teachers. The neoteric principal, Major Rajesh Ranjit took this decision in order to give students a new learning experience in conduct of business strengthening their planning,sorting and analysing skills.

There were variety of food stalls and game stalls wherein the fete was a great success and this was proved by the accountants who were busy tallying the figures for almost a week.

At around 11.30, parents,outsiders,children,faculties all started coming and visiting stalls. All the stalls were beautifully decorated and were all theme based.

The camel ride was a real highlight and big and little kids... all loved it. All ran fantastic stalls on that day, be it game stall,food stall or gift stall. In addition to this,clay modelling and jewellery making contests were also worth noticing. The people really admired the way school fete was organised inclusive of such competitions.

People praised the Wow momos, Biryani and KFC burger stall a lot. The battle lines were firmly drawn with the Biryani vs Burger!

Everybody enjoyed a lot and the organisers i.e. the SRMPS family felt contented as every little thing that everyone did to contribute to a fantastic day gave a fruitful result.


Indian Classical Music by Ustad Shakir Khan @ SRMPS

An enthralling performance by Ustad Shakir Khan, a famous Sitarist under the aegis of Spic Macay took place on 7th August 2018 at 11.30 AM in the SRMPS school auditorium. On the arrival of the guests of the day, Amsah Fatima inoculated their foreheads as a sign of SRMPS culture and courtesy. After which, the bouquets were presented to them by Kavya and Anushka. The programme began with the lamp lighting by Ustad Shakir Khan, his accompanist- Hafeez Ahmed, the Director Dr. Bhartendu, the Principal Major Rajesh Ranjit and the head mistress Mrs. Nandani. Thereafter, Mr. Shashank, a volunteer from Spic Macey tram introduced Spic Macey as an organization that stands for the society for the promotion of Indian classical music and culture. The anchor, Ms. Avantika introduced Ustad Shakir Khan, highlighted his personality and achievements as a Sitarisist. Then began the stellar performance of virtuoso Shakir Khan on Sitar along with his accompanist Hafeez Ahmed on tabla. Oh! The rendition was simply fascinating. The atmosphere during the performance became virulent by the presence of so many culture enthusiasts including the instrumentalists, supporting staff, teachers, and students. After the remarkable consummation of brilliant jugalbandi in raag Charukeshi, the maestro also satisfied the queries and questions of the students. Vote of thanks was given by Ananya who thanked everyone involved throughout the smooth running of the event including Major Rajesh Ranjit, Mrs. Nandani, Mrs Venu, Mrs. Shraddha, Mrs. Shivangi, Mrs. Ruchira, Mrs. Neera tayal, Mr. Sujith etc. Later, towards the closing of the programme, the guests were given memento and planted pots by the honorable Director, Dr. Bhartendu accompanied by the Principal as a traditional gesture of appreciation. It was truly an unmissable event!

Indian Classical Music by Ustad Shakir Khan


The soul-stirring musical morning at SRMPS

“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School witnessed a mesmerizing performance by Maestro Duo, Pdts Ritesh and Rajnish Mishra, Sons of Padam Bhushan Rajan-Sajan Mishra on 25th August ‘17. The auditorium was beautifully decorated and the SPIC MACAY logo shining bright. The Society for the promotion of Indian classical music and culture amongst youth, SPIC MACAY is India’s largest voluntary, non-profit and non-political youth movement, founded in the year 1977 by Dr. Kiran Seth.

Duet singing in the Indian Classical Music is considered a very difficult art, for it requires not only individual competence but, great amount of self control to improvise and harmonise at the same time. The Maestros Duo Pt. Ritesh Mishra and Pt. Rajnish Mishra have put in everything to achieve such excellence under the guidance of the Living Legends of the Banaras Gharana, Padma Bhushan Pt. Rajan Misra, their father and Pt. Sajan Misra their uncle. , the Artist brothers along with their academics have been learning music since their birth with Tanpura, Sarangi, Tabla and voice of forefathers vibrating in their home and surroundings. With focus on performance factor the duo brothers touch the listeners’ hearts with melodious voice and sensous application of notes. Their work with famous composer Michol Nymen has been released as an album (SANGAM) selling worldwide. They have given background score to the audio book by Penguine & ANB publisher. Their track 'Mahadeva' in the album 'Rise' has been nominated for the prestigious Grammy awards. They have been conferred Sangeet Natak Academy's Ustad Bismillah Khan Award 'Yuva'. 'Bhavishya Jyoti Award' for the year 2007, 'Sangeet Natak Academy Award' for the year 2008, 'Sangeet Samriddhi Award' 2010 & 'Dynamic Vocalists Duos' Award by Sangam Kala Group 2015.Skilled with rich knowledge of Indian Ragas the duos have performed at most prestigious concerts all over the world such as, BBC Proms at Albert Hall, London, Lincoln Centre, NY, USA, closing ceremony of Commonwealth Games, 2002 in Manchester, UK.

Without much ado, Sanchita, student of 12th Commerce, anchoring the event, welcomed Pt. Rajnish and Ritesh Misra ji, accompanied by Sri Sumit Misra ji on Harmonium and Durjay Bhawmik ji on table, to take over and help the SRMPS family gently sway into the mesmerizingly peaceful world of music.All witnessed the bearer of the rich musical legacy of the fabled Banaras Gharana, begin the program by lighting the lamp. They began the performance with Rag Basant Mukhari, derived from South Indian Carnatic Music, the bandish being “Prabhu guna gao aaj sab mil ke”and “Manwa bhaj le hari naam” in Dhrup Taal. The soulful performance by the duo left everyone spellbound. The students thoroughly enjoyed and felt a connect. The humble serenity with which they involved the students was commendable. The enthralling performance came to an end with a question/ answer round by the melodious brothers. They expressed their gratitude towards Spic Macay for giving them a platform where they meet students, share their experiences with them, and not just perform but also help the students to relate to and help them get aware of their rich, cultural heritage. Pt. Ritesh ji and Pt. Rajnish ji said that the heritage of Indian Culture would be safe in young hands provided they stop following blindly what’s happening in the world and be proud of what we as Indians are. They also praised the students for the commendable decorum maintained throughout.

Our Directors, Mrs. Pooja Agarwal, Mrs. Shruti Agarwal and Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal, Principal, Mr. S.N. Singh, Junior Principal Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker and Headmistress Dr. Archana Misra were also present to grace the occasion. Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal, with humble enthusiasm said that just like the Maestro Duo blend their music into beautiful symphonies, the purpose of education at SRMPS too is to synchronize the various aspects of learning, eventually resulting into a beautiful blend of skills and ideals, preparing happy and successful students.

Finally the Maestro Duo was thanked for the extremely enchanting and enthralling performance and for the words of wisdom that they shared with the enchanted students. Our anchor, Sanchita, requested Senior Principal Mr. S.N. Singh to say the vote of thanks. He praised the humble and unassuming Maestros for their unparalleled contribution in keeping the musical heritage of India alive and honoured them and their accompanists with mementos.


The Tricolor hues at Sri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School

A nation is recognized by its growth, and the growth of a nation is decided by its youth.

The celebration of the 72nd Independence Day began in SRMPS with utmost joy, gaiety and patriotic fervor. Such emotions were written all over the faces of our youth, the students who were so involved in the various activities lined up for the day.

School was decorated in the hues of Tricolor and patriotic songs reverberated all around. The Chief Guest on this auspicious day was Major A. K. Singh, who very kindly graced the occasion with his wife Mrs. Singh.

The program for the day began with the unfurling of the National Flag by our Chief Guest, followed by the enthusiastic rendition of the National Anthem. Command for the parade was given by the School Captain and the respective House Captains. The students marched proudly with perfect synchronization.

After the March past and drill the students proceeded to the auditorium for the lined up Investiture Ceremony and the cultural programme. The responsibility of coordinating the Investiture Ceremony was carried out very efficiently by Ms. Nidhi Shankar. The Chief Guests, The Directors, The Principal, The Head Mistress and The Dean handed over the Badges to all the Captains and Vice Captains. The Prefects received their badges from their class teachers. The solemn oath taking Ceremony witnessed the Head Mistress, Ms. Nandini Lahiri, crisply reading out the oath which was with equal crispness, repeated by the office bearers.

The programme began with the melodious group song "Bharat Vande Mataram", by the students of grades 6 to 11, which was composed by Mr. Chinmay, the music teacher. The next from the Pandora's box, was the patriotic dance drama on Rani Laxmi Bai, conceptualised and guided by the dance teacher Ms. Kalyani. All were spellbound by the energetic performance of the students and the dance drama filled every bosom with utmost patriotism. Major A. K. Singh, the Chief Guest praised the adept dance moves and the conviction with which the dance was performed. After the dance came the most amazing Mime Act under the able guidance of Mr. Mighty Gibson, the Theatre teacher. The students from grade 6 to grade 10 used the theatrical technique of 'mime' in which an idea, concept or mood is expressed entirely with gestures and body movements without the use of words. Today's act took us back in History where we all made a journey from one freedom movement to another. Highly impressed by the Act, Major A. K. Singh praised Mighty Sir saying that he was his name personified!!

Thereafter came the little stars of SRMPS to win over the hearts of all with their very cute performance on the song "Hum Bharat Ke Bachche Hain". After the tiny tots, came the students from grades 3 to 9 to set ablaze the stage by their brilliantly energetic dance on the song "Maa Tujhe Salaam". Both these performances were choreographed by Ms. Arundhati, the dance teacher. Then came the students who sang the meaningful song " Peace and Harmony " The song reminded everyone of the importance of peace and harmony for a happy existence of mankind. The students were prepared by the music teacher Mr. David.

The anchor of the event, Kavya, student of XI Arts, now requested Maj. A. K. Singh, the Chief Guest for the day to share with everyone his experiences, views and opinions. Maj. Singh expressed his happiness and praised the programme. He told the students how lucky they were to be studying in an institution with so many facilities. He also said that growing up and schooling went hand in hand as crucially formative fifteen, sixteen years are spent here. Various subjects are studied here but along the way certain intangible elements like discipline, neatness, value for time, too are picked up. This is when an individual begins to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong. Major Singh said that at this tender age students tend to experiment with honesty and dishonesty as this is the age to experiment and learn. The advice imparted by him was to choose wisely, believing in the right as that's what makes one's character and character shall stay till the end of time. He said that no nation can be great if its individuals stopped striving for the best and thus asked everyone to take a vow on this 72nd Independence Day to continuously strive towards value based adulthood; physically strong and robust and morally unmoved. He ended his talk with deliberately telling everyone that the nation needs each one of us. After the speech the Directors Ms. Pooja Agarwal, Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal and Major Rajesh Ranjit the Principal SRMPS presented momentos to the Chief Guest, Maj. A. K. Singh and his wife, Mrs. A. K. Singh.

Now was called the Principal Maj. Rajesh Ranjit, who gave a short and crisp speech wherein he thanked all the students and educators for the efforts put in to make it an eventful day in the history of SRMPS. Saying that together we can walk on our pious mission of educating our children, he thanked the parents who came to witness the programme.

Hereafter, the anchor invited Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal to share his thoughts and words of wisdom with the audience comprising of parents, teachers and students. He praised the drill and was appreciative that it was done so well in so short a time. He also said that all the performances were stunning and requested the parents to take active participation in grooming of the students.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Kushan Gupta of class VIII. Starting from thanking the almighty the vote of thanks extended from all the guests, the fellow students, the loving teachers and ended at the supporting staff.

The entire programme was efficiently compered by Kavya of class XI under the supervision of Ms. Nidhi Shankar.

Sweets were distributed to the students and parents were invited for refreshments. Later all parents proceeded for the PTM to the respective classes.


Special Events @ SRMPS

First Parent Teachers Meeting for the session 2017-18 was held on 13th May, 2017. Many events were organized to inform the parents about the various programs organized in the school for the proper grooming and enhancement of the skills in the students. Events were as follows:

Prize Distribution
Noting could have been more thrilling and exciting than watching their own wards receiving prizes and certificates for academics. Parents experienced the same when their own wards were given away the prizes and certificates by the Principal Mr. S N Singh. Forty students enjoyed such recognition.

Value Added Program
A special event for the day was conducted by Ms. Garima and Ms. Amita  Banga for the parents in which value added program explained many new attractions provided by the school like – Brilliant Tutorials , Ballet Innovation Program, Cricket club and Football coaching by a Brazilian Footballer. Organizing and providing such facilities are indeed a novel creativity in the city.

The Day full of zeal and events concluded with delicious and sumptuous lunch to each and every parent for their convenience.

Parents, teachers & students enthralled on the top dance numbers at the Pool Party organized by S.R.M.P.S with zest and enthusiasm on P.T.M day held on May 13, 2017.
Parents watched their children overwhelmingly while their children were enjoying different activities with lots of fun and frolic in the Pool Party. Major attractions included Live music, different ball and balloon games in the pool. Token gifts were distributed to enhance their enthusiasm and to boost up their sporting moral. The purpose of the pool party was to cultivate the sporting spirit among the students and to develop a multidimensional approach in their personality.

Workshop On Parenting
Concerning the need of  a positive and Competitive approach among the students for their career perspective and future planning, a workshop for parenting was organized at SRMPS to inform the parents regarding the future planning belonging to both academic and non academic excellence about their children studying here.

In this regard a few attractions were added to make them a productive part of the society and strengthen their abilities in multidimensional manner as BRILLIANT TUTORIAL is invited to provide its educational services for the evening classes on a regular basis.

Apart of that remedial classes are also included as a part of SRMPS’s continuous exploration in academic excellence at the School campus  for asserting the students in different subjects.
Internet as a useful tool for the academic development is to be included as one of the integral part of parenting workshop to promote the students in subject research in relevant topics.
Nowadays modern growth and career achievement are significantly dependent upon communication skills. That’s why the school has developed a condensed and accurate language enrichment program for the students.

Sports and music play a vital role in a student’s personality.  Concerning this school has emphasized upon proper cricket coaching and the art of ballet dancing which is a much recognized and popular form of dancing all around the world.

Inter House Swimming Pool Events
The inter-house swimming competition was organized by S.R.M.P.S on P.T.M day May 13,2017 at its swimming pool. The categories were Free Style, Butterfly, Relay and many more. Students put their best efforts to win the competition. The positions secured by the students are as follows:

25 mts. Free Style –  Boys- Junior Group

I   - Vishwa Pratap Singh – Class VIII- Aryabhatt House
II  - Krishna Tulsiani – Class VIII – Raman House
III – Arif Sayed –Class VI- Bose House

50 mts. Free Style- Boys- Junior Group

I  – Krishna Jain – Class VIII- Bhaskar House
II - Vishwa Pratap Singh – Class VIII- Aryabhatt House
III – Kushan Gupta – Class VII- Bose House

25 mts. Free Style- Senior Group

I – Abhay Yadav – Class X – Bhaskar House
II – Satwik Rai – Class X – Aryabhatt House
III-  Prakhar Gupta- Class –IX- Raman House

50 mts. Free Style- Senior Group

I - – Abhay Yadav – Class X – Bhaskar House
II – Satwik Rai – Class X – Aryabhatt House
III-  Prakhar Gupta- Class –IX- Raman House

25 mts. Butterfly- Junior Group- Boys

I - Krishna Jain – Class VIII- Bhaskar House
II - Vishwa Pratap Singh – Class VIII- Aryabhatt House
III- Krishna Tulsiani – Class VIII – Raman House

25 mts. Butterfly- Senior Group- Boys

I - – Abhay Yadav – Class X – Bhaskar House
II – Satwik Rai – Class X – Aryabhatt House

50 mts. Butterfly- Junior Group- Boys

I - Krishna Jain – Class VIII- Bhaskar House
II - Vishwa Pratap Singh – Class VIII- Aryabhatt House

4x25 mts. Relay ( Team Junior and Senior Boys)

( Open )
I – Bhaskar House
II-  Aryabhatt House
III- Raman House


Inter District Judo Championships

An Inter District Judo Championship was organized by S.R.M.P.S under the auspices of U.P. Judo Association at its school campus on May 12 &13, 2017. This championship was for under 14 Girls and Boys category. Students of various schools from the district Allahabad, Kanpur and Lucknow were invited to participate in this championship. Chief Guests of this occasion were Mr. Javeed Ahmad ( I.P.S., DG. UP Police & President of U.P. Judo Association), Mr. Munawar Anzar ( World Refree & C.E.O of U.P. Judo Association ) and Ms. Aaesha Munawar ( Black Belt & General Secretary of U.P. Judo Association ).
District wise winners of champion trophy were :

1. Allahabad
2. Kanpur
3. Lucknow

The students of S.R.M.P.S who secured various places among the winners are :

1st – Deepak Verma
2nd – Vyom Singh
3rd – Somesh Yadav

25 Kg. Category:

1st – Asad Saed
2nd – Kushagra Singh
3rd – Anshuman Singh

30 Kg. Category:

2nd – Anuk Kalhan

35 Kg. Category:

3rd - Aniket Kumar Vimal
3rd – Harshit Sahu

40 Kg. Category:

1st – Mayank Gupta
2nd – Avinash Chandra

50+   Category:

2nd – Ajay Chauhan

45 Kg. Category:

3rd – Azeem

23 Kg. Category:
2ND – Harshita Singh

Below 32 Kg. Category:

3rd – Palashika Sagar

+ 40 Kg. Category:

3rd – Anu Yadav


Stay Organized For Day Boarders @ SRMPS

There was a special stay organized for the day boarders on 8th May, 2017 in the Hostel. This was A wonderful opportunity for them to experience the lifestyle of boarders in the hostel. The two nights and three days stay was amazing for both the students and their parents.

The students attended their regular classes and there after instead of returning home they moved to the hostel where they unpacked and arranged their lockers which was provided to them along with the locks, then they had games, snacks, evening classes, dinner, milk time and everything according to the rules and on the time fixed for all. The icing on the cake was the magic show organized in the evening where the magic tricks were really appreciable. The same routine was followed the next day. The pictures of the students were sent to their parents and the parents always showed a nice response. Finally the day boarders left along with their parents after having a memorable experience of hostel life for a change. The stay was really memorable and did work out for all whether teachers, students or parents.

Sub Junior Debate Competition and Senior declamation

SRMPS conducted an Inter House debate competition for Sub Juniors group and Inter House Declamation for Seniors on the 29th of April. The performance of little speakers left the audience mesmerized and simultaneously the bench of judges in a dizzy who had a tough time in judgment when the orators presented vehement logics. The whole event was held under the very talented Gauri Agarwal. Each house had a team of two debaters for against and for the motion- The cartoon channels are teaching things that are against our culture.

Harshita Singh secured the position of best speaker while Ayush Pandey stood second and Anmol bagged the third position the criteria for judgement were quality of argument, choice of words, confidence and oratorical skills. The speakers present their views in a very vehement and impressive manner. On the other hand our Senior Speakers left no stone unturned to impress the judges with their power of speaking. Payal Singh of Class XII Commerce from Bose House bagged First position in Senior Declamation competition and Nidhi Agarwal Of XII Commerce achieved 2nd position. The criteria for judgment was interpretation, transition, pitch, tempo and convincibiliy.

Investiture Ceremony at SRMPS


Hakuna Matata 2017 at SRMPS

Girls and Boys is in their best attire all set to have fun groom and enjoy being special. This is what the farewell is all about. The students of class XII of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School experienced an extravagant show put up by their juniors of class XI. Farewell programme was inaugurated with lighting of the lamp by the head boy Shikhar Malhotra and head girl Sukriti Shanker. There were exciting programmes like singing and dancing by girls and boys. To add a little flavor to the show there was a horror act done by Payal Singh and Neeti Agarwal. The skit by the boys brought the house down and was so hilarious. It depicted the actual scenario of school life. Moreover to revive and cherish the amazing journey of school life a video was shown to the students of class XII that brought tears to their eyes. There were title rounds where each student of class XII was awarded with interesting titles like Mr. All rounder, Miss Haseena etc. There were two special awards for the evening Miss Farewell to Priyanka Shah and the title of Mr. Farewell to Shikhar Mehrotra. The show couldn’t have been a success without the involvement of the seniors. To ensure the same various games like Buscuit ka dum, Balloon Dance etc were played with enthusiasm and jest. The programe was summed up with vote of thanks By Akriti Kasaudhan. Next, the seniors were escorted for high tea and a photography session so that no would moment remain uncaptured.


SRMPS Celebrated Annual Day

The tradition continues and, this year, yet again Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School came up with kaleidoscope of programmes  for its Annual Function. The soiree combined with theatrics and young talent was not just and entertainment event but a motivation to the student to showcase their attributes on the school platform.

It was a privilege having Prof. Vijay Krishna Singh as chief guest of the evening. Prof. Vijay Krishna Singh, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, AKTU is a renowned academician, instrumental in implementation of Vedic Mathematics .The research interest of Vijay Krishna Singh was Awarded the University Gold Medal for standing first at Post Graduate level (M.Sc.) in the faculty of science and affiliated colleges of Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur in 1980.

The auspicious ritual of lighting the cultural lamp was solemnized by the Chief Guest, Chairman Shri Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, Directors Smt. Pooja Agarwal, Smt. Shruti Agarwal and other dignitaries . The school has given a cheque of Rs 85000 as donation in “ARMY WELFARE FUND BATTLE CASUALTIES” and pay a tribute to the martyrs.

Chairman Shri Laxmi Narayan Agarwal has honored Prof. Vijay Krishna Singh by presenting him a shawl and a memento.

The events of the evening were all based upon Advait doctrine related to SOHAM. The mesmerizing offer to Lord Ganesha , the heart- throbbing rock-band , the soul- churning call to Allah-hoo through Quwwali with amazing performance by the tiny-tots in Pied- Piper and mellifluous choir song made the audience applaud non-stop., Further, English  play- Mother ‘s Day and Nukkad natak JANTA PAGAL HO GAI staged by the youngster impressed a lot. Finally, the dances Salsa, Shadow and hilarious Kalbelia gained unforgettable impression.

Finally at the end of the program Vote of thanks conveyed by the head mistress Dr. Archana Mishra. Principal Jr Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker, Vice-Principal Rajesh k Bajpai and all the teachers have given their 100% cooperation to make this mega event a grand success.

The events of cultural evening were indeed a perfect combination of art and music all defining -SOHAM


Teachers’ Day celebrated with grandeur in SRMPS

Teaching Is The One Profession That Creates All Other Professions

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”, sums up exactly how important the role of a teacher is in one’s life. The students of SRMPS proved this further by inviting their teachers to a grand, surprise programme, planned and conducted solely by them. September 5th, birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, was celebrated in SRMPS with great enthusiasm by the students. The event took place in the school's auditorium which was transformed into a spectacular rocking venue for the throbbing performances. The teachers were welcomed by the students with lots of enthusiasm. The programme started with Muskan thanking the teachers for all their contributions and welcoming them to the show.

To give an enlightening start the head boy, Shikhar Mehrotra and the deputy head boy Vinayak Gupta, assisted the dignitaries of the school in the lighting of the lamp. Sanchita, Evana and Bisma presented an enchanting song, ‘Roar’ by katy Perry. A mesmerizing dance by the primary students was choreographed by Tabish of class 10th. The teachers were then invited to play various games. “The King Cup” was played by the lady teachers and the gentlemen were prompted to roll round chapattis!! Every teacher was awarded thoughtful and interesting titles like Mrs. Quantico, Mrs. Enchanting Soul, The Enigma, The Invincible and so on. The senior boys and girls, Suryansh, Tushar, Pushpraj, Utkarsh, Tapasya, Muskan, Bhawna, Ritali, Komal, Vishakha and a few others too, danced off to the Bollywood medley. Their dances energized the audience. Specially the performance on the song Gaganm Style filled the hall with incessant laughter. The teachers were also asked to speak extempore on their favourite students. The solo performance by Shivani Singh of class 12th was appreciated by all. Archana ma’am, the Head Mistress of the institution, spoke few words of encouragement and appreciation and said that such independent working platforms provide the opportunity to the students to prove themselves. Then was the grand finale where kids danced the best they could and left everyone foot tapping and swaying to the music. The head boy, Shikhar Mehrotra gave the vote of thanks, followed by a speech by Senior Principal, Mr. S.N. Singh. The performances staged by the students, exclusively for the teachers were truly remarkable.


The Soul-Stirring Musical Afternoon At SRMPS

“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School staged a mesmerizing Santoor performance by Padma Shree Pandit Bhajan Sopori Ji on 27th August ‘16. The auditorium was beautifully decorated and the SPIC MACAY logo shining bright. The Society for the promotion of Indian classical music and culture amongst youth, SPIC MACAY is India’s largest voluntary, non-profit and non-political youth movement, founded in the year 1977 by Dr. Kiran Seth.

All witnessed the bearer of the rich musical legacy of the fabled Sufiyana Gharana of Kashmir create history for the institution. Panditji has been a pioneer in establishing the Santoor on national and international platforms as a complete solo instrument. Being the only classical musician to have composed music for more than 6000 songs in various languages of the country Pandit ji also created an album on ‘Sound Therapy’ – ‘Naad Yoga of Santoor’. Pandit ji was accompanied by Miss Veethika his disciple. She is the recipient of Ministry of Cultural scholarship (Govt. of India) and sahitya Kala Parishad New Delhi. She is the First female Santoor player from the State of J&K. He was accompanied on Tabla by Pandit Mithilesh Jha. He has travelled India and abroad and accompanied music legends like Pt. Sopori ji, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Girija Devi ji and Birju Maharaj ji. The programme began after the lighting of the lamp by the esteemed guest. Panditji introduced raga patdeep to the eager audience of young students. A soulful performance left everyone spellbound. Panditji also tutored the students and made them sing along, which the students thoroughly enjoyed and made them connect to the art form. He introduced the students with the Sargam. The beautiful Jugalbandi of Santoor and Tabla left everyone fascinated for a short while. The basic objective of this programme was to make the children aware about Sangeet-Sur-Santoor. The humble serenity with which pandit ji involved the students was commendable. The enthralling performance came to an end with a question/ answer round by Pandit ji. Finally the comparers, Bisma and Shambhavi thanked the Maestro for the extremely enchanting and enthralling Santoor recital and for the words of wisdom that he shared with the enchanted students. They requested Senior Principal Mr. S.N. Singh to say the vote of thanks. He praised the quiet and unassuming Maestro for his unparalleled contribution in keeping the musical heritage of India alive and honoured him and his accompanists with mementos. The members of the management, The Directors, Junior Principal, and Vice Principal were all present to witness and appreciate the August gathering.




Capt. Manoj Pandey’s Parents Honoured by SRMPS

A nation is recognized by its growth and the growth of a nation is determined by its Youth. Sri Ram Swaroop Memorial Public School left no stone unturned to make the celebrations of our Independence Day a huge success. The day witnessed the school building clad in hues of saffron, white and green. The patriotic fervor, zeal and enthusiasm, at its peak, was clearly visible on the shining faces and twinkling eyes of the students. All students wore special tricolour badges. Hope and wishes came alive in every heart for a promising future.

The wait to begin the programme ended with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Smt. Shakuntala Devi Agarwal. Mr. & Mrs. Gopi Chand Pandey and Mr. Man Mohan Pandey,  the proud parents and younger brother of martyr Capt Manoj Pandey of 1/11 Gorkha Rifles were the esteemed Guests of honour. Capt. Manoj Pandey, at the age of 24, sacrificed his life during the Kargil war and left an indelible mark on everybody’s hearts, particularly in Lucknow from where he hailed. Dr. Bhartendu Agarwal, Mrs. Pooja Agarwal and Mrs. Shruti Agarwal were also present.

The programme commenced with the hoisting of the Tricolour, accompanied by the enthusiastic and melodious rendition of the National Anthem by the choir. Invitation for the Guard of Honour was given by the Shikhar Mehrotra, the School Captain, soon after the National Anthem. The crispness with which the pledge was taken by the students clearly showed how their bosoms swelled up with pride.

Next came the time for patriotic songs and dances. Mrs. Uma Joshi welcomed the chief guest and thereafter the day witnessed the showcasing of the students’  talents. A patriotic song (duet) sung by Riya and Siddhant stirred the very souls of all present. 

Mrs. Arti Srivastava, in her speech, said that we are on the verge of losing the generation that was witness to the freedom struggle of our country. Therefore it becomes all the more important to let our present generation to understand and appreciate the sacrifices that were made by our forefathers for our freedom. In fact, this shared history and our pride in it should be strong enough to keep the nation together. She spoke about the struggles of our great leaders and said that we are fortunate to be born in a free country. She encouraged the students to arouse within them the emotion of patriotism and reminded them never to forget – Country First and Country Last !

The tiny tots of the primary section presented a spectacular drill. The amount of practice and hard work put in by the little ones was obvious in the immaculate and synchronized moves in their performance.

Music binds the soul, hearts and emotions. The Punjabi group song sung by senior students was again on a patriotic theme and they performed it with great feeling, enthralling the audience.

Students of the junior section performed a judo drill with stamina, agility, coordination and clean reflexes.

The well prepared students danced with gusto. The dance beautifully depicted the need for harmony and brotherhood in the present times. The untiring effort of the students was a treat to watch and left the audience swaying to the foot tapping music.

The patriotic music and songs filled the atmosphere with nationalistic sentiments, with all of us feeling the blood thumping in our veins for our country.

The Chief Guest Sri Gopi Chand Pandey was invited to say a few words of encouragement to the children. He delivered a soul stirring speech and applauded the students’ efforts, saying that the performances were exceptionally praiseworthy. He wholeheartedly appreciated the efforts of the students and the teachers, who left no stone unturned to make this day a great success. He said that the spirit of freedom indeed soared high amidst the energetic performances. He was invited for high tea along with the teachers and student leaders. Smt. Shakuntala Devi Agarwal presented him and his wife with shawls as a mark of respect for having raised a son like Capt. Manoj Pandey.

The power packed celebrations of the 70th Independence Day concluded with a vote of thanks by Junior Principal, Mr. Rishi Raj Shankar. At the end, sweets were distributed to the students and staff.


MoMs Party

The moment a child is borne a mother is born too. Did she ever exist before? The unconditional love care and affection showered by a mother is pure and the best gift of God to humanity.

Every home, every Heart, Every feeling, Every Moment of happiness is incomplete without a woman. The biggest and the greatest tribute to our mothers can never suffice their contribution to the world. Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School gave a golden opportunity to all the cool moms who were stuck in the kitchen and missed out on the bliss, fun and joy of life to pour their hearts out and revive the child within them. On 10th August 2016 the school organized a party for the mothers of students of class I to VI. The primary teachers and senior girls of classes XI and XII conducted the program. The beautiful ladies were dressed impeccably in Ethic Green according to the dress code. The auditorium seemed to be lost in the enthusiastic fervor and enigmatic smiles of all the mothers. Their children were delighted to see them after a long time. The auditorium was wonderfully decorated by the art teachers of the school. The fun filled games gave a flying start to the party. This included the tongue twister, housie and other such games. The best game played was “Know your child”, which brought the house down. This left all the students into huge laughs as most questions to the mothers were left unanswered. Mesmerizing and interesting competitions like mehndi, nail art, hairstyling, saree draping, singing, dancing were lined up for all the eager mothers. They could participate in the competition of their choice. Every competition had their winners who were awarded by their child and was also asked to dance. The mood and the aura was so enthralling and captivating that nobody could stop tapping to the music. Everyone present plunged into the celebrations and grooved a little. Tea and snacks were served. The energy level of all the ladies was boosted and they were ready to make more memories!! The senior Principal Mr. SN Singh was invited to the program. He addressed all the mothers thanking them to have given their precious time to join the event and help it pass in flying colours. The mothers were floored by the idea of the party and presented their views in writing. The school promised to keep having parties like these so that the gaps between the mother at school and mother at home can be bridged.


Ballet Course Introduced at SRMPS

Sri Ram Swaroop Memorial Public School has taken a giant leap towards satiating the aesthetic needs of the students. Whereas there are plenty of schools catering to the needs of students interested in Indian dance forms, there are not many that teach classical western dance forms.

On 6th August, a workshop was held on Ballet Dancing at the school. Karen Joansen, Founder, The Ballet School of Dance, came with Instructor Odete and their team of little ballerinas. Karen, a Graduate in Dance and Expressions from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (Public University) in Brazil, has a Masters degree in Psychopedagogy as well.

The workshop began with Karen introducing the Instructor and the dancers. Odete, the instructor, spoke at length about this dance form and its early origins in France. She said that Ballet is known for its discipline and rigorous technique, its flowing precise movements and its ethereal qualities.  She said that all professional dancers first learn ballet dancing. Emphasis, in this form of dance, is placed on developing flexibility and strengthening the legs, feet and the body. She said that after learning basic ballet techniques and developing sufficient strength and flexibility, female dancers begin to learn Pointe Technique. Use of Ballet Bars is mandatory as it helps in gaining strength, support and stability. It is used for warm up exercises which take up almost twenty minutes. Ballerinas wear special shoes which are pointed in the front. Special exercises for feet are also done to strengthen their feet and do the raises with pointed shoes. Boys are also taught some different and specific exercises to build their muscles as they have to support their partners, particularly in the lifts.

A breathtakingly beautiful performance was done by Sharanya and Aana ( 2nd year ) and Misha and Aadya ( 3rd year ). Dressed in Classical Tutu and special Ballerina shoes, they performed exercises which are done with and without the bars. The little ballerinas left the audience awestruck with their graceful and ethereal dancing.

The students too displayed a keen interest in the dance form by asking questions, seeking required information like the number of years required to become a professional. How many years does passing one level take? Are the bars used always? What improvement can be seen in the body? What diet should a ballet dancer take? Importance of ballet dance and what it is based on? Is it necessary to dance in pairs? Odete answered all the queries with a lot of clarity and enthusiasm.

The workshop concluded with Principal SN Singh, appreciating the efforts of the Instructor and the young ladies in the troupe and thanking Karen for bringing an elite dance form like the Ballet to school. Witnessing the enthusiastic response of the students, he brought the session to a promising end by suggesting that ballet dancing could be included in the school curriculum in the current session itself.


Hairstyling Competition at SRMPS

The Inter house hair styling competition was organized in the Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School on 05, August 2016. The judge Mrs. Rekha Singh was welcome by the students and wardens of the Girls Hostel. The competition began at 4:30 P.M. all the participants were given 30 Minutes for styling their respective models each of the four houses Raman, Bhasker, Bose and Aryabhatt sent up three teams each team consisted of a model and a hair stylish everyone was filled with such enthusiasm that no one realize when the 30 Mins passed it was really very surprising to see the Tiny Tots of primary sections styling their respective models hair so well. Accessories like bides were even used to enhance the models look. The contestants were marked on the basis of their creativity, time limit presentation cleanliness and teamwork. Meanwhile the background music eased the tension of the participants during the competition. After the judgment the results were tabulated. In the Primary Section Bhasker House stood first, In the Junior Section Bose House stood first and in the Senior Section Raman House was adjudged winner. Shreya Rastogi of XI Commerce from Raman House was declared as the best contender. The prizes were distributed to the winners by the judge.

Towards the end Mrs. Singh wished the students Good Luck for their future and the programme ended.


AD MAD Show – where the creativity meets madness

SRMPS is committed to the all round development of its students and thus keeps assessing the skills acquired by its pupils from time to time. In order to evaluate the creative and innovative skills of the students, the AD MAD show was organised in the school. Different houses of the school created humorous and conceptual advertisements on selling comb, umbrella, washing powder and promoting Spoken English classes. A distinctive piece of performing art was presented by every house.

Among the four houses, the Top Ad maker was Bhasker house followed by Aryabhatt then Raman and Bose house.

The objective to conduct this show is to acquaint the students with the promotional strategies through advertisements. It has also provided the students a platform to portray their understanding of the world of advertisements.

The competition was concluded with the speech of Principal Mr. S.N. Singh who had appreciated the stupendous performance of the participants. The show ended with a round of applause by the audience.


Career Counselling for Senior Students at SRMPS

Classes XI and XII are two immensely crucial years for the children. It is a period of great confusion and dilemma. Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School takes multiple initiatives to help its students through this enigma. On Saturday, 16th July a career counselling workshop was organized in the school campus by the Times of India in which the students of classes XI and XII were guided by Mr. Surya, Vice President, Times Institute. He talked about the realities of life and informed them about the different courses they can opt post completing their school. The students too showed interest by asking questions and seeking required information. The session ended with a promising note to keep visiting the students and updating them.


Splashing, Fun filled Saturday at SRMPS

Fun, Bliss, Dance, Music. Say it and it was there. Pleasant shouts, hysterical laughs. The Lilliput experienced all of it. Kids of classes I to VI of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School had an amazing flabbergasted afternoon on 22nd July 2016. To wash away the terror of studies and bring in some energy, fun and happiness the primary teachers of the school decided to give their tiny tots a pleasant and loving surprise. In the awesome rainy weather these days what could be better than a poolside party. The weekend brought in more to the idea. The swimming pool was beautifully decorated with balloons of vibrant colors. The combination of blue, white, red balloons looked lively at the venue. Lots and lots of games were played in the due course. It included the Tug of War, Throw the Ball and the Relays. Kanishia and Angel class II, Ratan and Ajeshwar class III ,Harshita and Harshit class IV, Suraj, Aryan,Shreeyansh,Sneha, and Shubh of class V were the few winners who took away authentic and interesting prizes like the artistic tattoos, air bubbles, yummy choco pie, lolli pop and whistles whose loud voices could be heard in the entire place. The games were immensely enjoyed by the children. The delicious, mouth-watering snacks increased the excitement level of the students. Muffins, Crax and Spicy corn was served to the kids as good filling followed by Tang as the energizer. The students were refreshed and were ready for more fun. The music was at its loudest pitch. The speakers blared up the peppiest Hindi and English numbers that compelled not only the students but also the teachers to groove a little. The teachers were delighted to see their children so happy and joyful. This day definitely would be carved in the hearts of each and every person who was a part of it. The tiny tots were reluctant to come out of the pool because they wanted this fun, this moment to go on and on and on.


Power of the Subconcious Mind: Regression Workshop at SRMPS.

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School keeps taking initiatives to help its students identify, develop and improve on their key academic and other skills needed to achieve their goals in life, as well as to increase their self –awareness.

On Tuesday 2ndAugust, the school organised a workshop on the “Power of the subconscious mind”. It helped the students understand the potential of the subconscious mind and how it knows no boundaries. The workshop was conducted by a well-known Theta Healer in the school of Vienna Stibal, Mrs. Neeru Singh, based in Dubai.

Having a Masters in Business Administration, Neeru slowly became aware of her inclination towards spiritual healing. She combined Reiki, Pranic Healing and vajral to treat patients in coma, depression, cancer and many more complicated ailments.

In 2009, she learnt Hypnotherapy and started working at Illuminations in Dubai. She believes that nothing is unsoluble and never gives up on any of her clients.

During the two hour long session she spoke to a fascinated and spell bound audience about the power of the subconscious mind, which is eight times bigger than the conscious mind. She said that the subconscious mind responds to our thoughts. It is important to choose what we want over what we should. The Subconscious mind operates out of habitual ways of thinking. We should make powerful declarations of things we want in our lives by focusing on what we desire and by believing in it.

Mrs Archana Misra, the Headmistress, volunteered to be regressed for a hypnotherapy session. The workshop came to an end with, Mrs.Neeru Singh walking the stupefied students through self-awareness exercises.

It was truly an enriching and a fruitful experience for the senior students of the institution.


SRMPS Celebrated 11th Founder’s Day

July 11 is ‘never-to-be forgotten’ day for SRMPS. The day is marked as the remembrance of its first brick of foundation laid 11 years back. SRMPS displayed the ecstatic and thundering show of varied performances. The senior Principal Mr. S.N. Singh introduced the guests of honor and the chief guest to the audience. The event was inaugurated traditionally by paying homage to Shri Ramswaroop Agarwal ji by the Chairman of the school Shri L.N. Agarwal. Later the chief guest Mr. Rajneesh Dubey, a renowned IAS Officer commences the program with lighting of lamp. It was then followed by Ish Vandana. Thereafter a series of events was organized starting with a play “The Zoo Story” written by Edward Albee. The theme of the play was ‘existentialism’ and ‘social inequality’.

The list further included dance, debate, “Just a Minute (JAM)” session, Quiz, Spell Bee, Singing competition and what not. An atmosphere of celebration filled the quads of SRMPS. All these activities were intended to contribute towards multi dimensional development of the students – the lone motto of SRMPS.

The celebration of this long mirrored journey was concluded with the speech of the guests of honor Ms. Kumkum Dhar a renowned dancer and Kathak exponent disciple of Shri Lachhu Maharaj, Mr. Mahirajdhwaj Singh Chandel, RSS speaker and advisor to Mr Rajnath Singh and Mr. Faizul Huda, an IITian prophesied a bright and a promising future for SRMPS and its students.

The chairperson of SRMPS Mr. L N Agarwal shared his words of wisdom with the students. He recognized the day as a journey of achievements and accolades. The show finally concluded with a vote of thanks by Junior Principal Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker who applauded the wonderful efforts of his colleagues and students.


Theatre Workshop at SRMPS

A workshop was conducted at SRMPS on theatre and dramatics on Saturday, May 07, 2016. Mr. Jitendra Mittal, renowned playwright and theatre artist of India addressed the students stating the significance of theatre skills in the student life. He was accompanied by Md. Nafees. The effort was to popularize theatre. Mr Mittal encouraged the students to join theatre and stressed on the balance between mainstream cinema and theater. He informed the students about the colleges and admission procedure in the various institutes like NSD, Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai, Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune etc.

Principal of the school, Mr. S. N. Singh enlightened the students with his experience and motivated them to opt acting as a career. Many students were keen to follow the footsteps of theatre artists like Gireesh Kanad, Om Puri, Niteesh Bhardwaj and Naseeruddin Shah. A Junior Principal Mr.Rishi Raj Shanker conveyed vote of thanks .


Celebration of Workmanship at SRMPS

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School celebrated the International Labor’s Day on May 2nd 2016. A special assembly was conducted for all the working staff. To appreciate their consistent efforts the teachers honored and obliged all the labor staff. Mr.Kamta Prasad and Mrs.Amita Banga recited poems. Mr.Amit Sharma and Mr.Pankaj Sharma made the students realize the importance of these people in their lives. Amit Sharma stated that “No building was built without the hands of workers. We can never ignore their efforts in any task.” Mr. S.N.Singh Sr. Principal of the school addressed and blessed the workers. The overwhelming aura couldn’t stop the Junior Principal and the Vice- Principal from sharing their feelings too. Junior Principal Mr.Rishi Raj Shanker said that we all should respect to our helping staff and it gives pleasure to him when he finds the growth of helping staff -using whatsapp, facebook and internet. To lighten the mood and brighten the smiles The Head Mistress Dr.Archana Mishra, The Cultural Head Mrs. Pinki Arora and the Music Teacher Mr. Chinmay along with few students sang melodious songs.

In the end all the workers were distributed gifts as a mark of respect and gratitude for their resilient efforts over the years. The celebration was brought down by a photograph that could be kept as a souvenir for the generations as an example.


World Book Day Celebration

SRMPS has it in its tradition to celebrate World Book Day every year with vigour and enthusiasm and this year is not an exception. “World Book Day” is marked as a day to accolade the inevitable role of the books in human lives.

The event was chaired by the chief guest Dr. Yogesh Praveen, eminent literary figure from Lucknow. He advised children to work on linguistic skills as command over language is the key to success. He narrated various anecdotes from the lives of Nawabs of Awadh. Students were informed that “Tehzeeb and Zubaan” (culture and language) of lucknow makes us different from others, Lucknowites are cut above the rest.

Students enjoyed the day through a series of events viz. skits, elocutions and role plays. Children thoroughly loved these performances and relished the fun element within the books.

Principal of the school, Mr. S. N. Singh and Junior Principal Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker emphasized on the importance of books. Mr. Singh took the students to the mystical and unexplored world of books. Children vowed to start with one book on this day. At the end of the of the program Junior Principal Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker conveyed Vote of thanks to the Chief Guest Dr. Yogesh Praveen. Program was successfully coordinated by head mistress Dr. Archana Mishra.


Workshop on Human rights at SRMPS

A workshop on Human Rights was conducted at Sri Ramswaroop Memorial Public school, Lucknow. Dr. Marry Shuttleworth, President, Youth for Human Rights International, told the importance of human rights International, told the importance of Human Rights Education and showed some videos. She also told the students about her World Educational Tour for Peace-2016.

Mr. Manoj Katiyar, Executive Director of YHR India told students about the need for Human Rights Education. He also suggested some ideas that students can adopt to make a new culture.

Mr. S.N. Singh, Principal of Sri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School thanked all the guests and students for attending he workshop. He said that this is the beginning of the journey, where through Human Rights Education awareness, we can change the world.

YHRI booklet “What are Human Rights” were distributed to all the students. At The end Junior Principal Mr.Rishi Raj Shanker has given vote of thanks.


Workshop 18 and 19 March


Maiden Alumni Meet Held at SRMPS

In a first alumni meet held at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School former students of the alma mater gathered amidst jubilation and nostalgia. It had been a day when hundreds of students took their time out to share their experiences and feelings. In the first meet students from various states had assembled to inspire, guide and motivate their fellow students to excel in their studies and reach acme of success and achievement. It had been a time of fond memories and reminiscence. The programme was inaugurated by the Director of the school Smt. Shruti Agarwal by lighting the inaugural lamp. The esteemed Chairman asked for benevolence and equitable society for all. He opined that through education only individual and social progress can be ensured. He farther added that present century belongs to knowledge and empowerment and girls should also leave no stone unturned in attaining the super standard education. He blessed the students for their bright future.

There were plenty of exciting games and sports in pipe line for the students. The first of all was a cricket match played between the teaching staff and former students. It had been a tough and exciting game of cricket. The game had got highest approval from the students. The next event to follow was a soccer matched played between ex-students and current students. The game had been a nail biting and high voltage event. The students had played exceedingly well. All the students watched the event ruptured in axing and exhilaration. The next event to follow was badminton championship in which the girl students had some zealous moment. The entire galaxy of students was on tenterhook as the game was proceeding magnificently.

Apart from on field games there were some other indoor fun games as well. Students were glued to these games and were exceedingly engrossed into them. The formal interaction between the staff and the students had reached crescendo. Ideas were exchanged and both the parties became nostalgic. The students took round of the entire school and were wistfully interacting with the present lot of students.

Later on in the night they enjoyed bonfire and had exchanged their feelings, emotions and experiences. They fondly expressed their love and admiration for their students. They also narrated to their fellow students their exclusive rapport and reprimanding with their friends. The event concluded with sumptuous dinner in the company of their fellow friends. Recalling their days at school Avanish said that they were put through rigorous teaching and sports events and that gave them the determination and will to acclaim new horizon of achievement. Many students of SRMPS today have become successful professional like doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, I.T. professionals, pilot and army personnel etc.

School principal Mr Avani Kamal and junior Principal Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker urged the students to scale the newer heights of success and recognition. He exhorted them to transcent all the restrictions and spread across the world and earn name and fame for themselves and their alma mater. He assured the students that school shall continue catering the best quality education in the decades to come. At the end of the meet coordinator Dr. Archana Mishra conveyed vote of thanks and junior Principal Mr. Rishi Raj Shanker promised the alumni students that they will meet next year again.


Christmas Celebration at SRMPS

Christmas, the festival of hope, prosperity,happiness and elation, was celebrated with fanfare at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School. Ealier in the morning a special assembly was held and the students were shown special videos enlightening them the cause behind the celebration. Students were told that Christmas is celebrated as as the birth anniversary of messiah Jesus Christ who rescued humanity from the grip of terror and sin. This celebration is organized throughout the world. Special carols were sung and all the students had great time enjoying festivity.Christmas tree was festooned with bright lights and frills. Later Santa Claus distributed chocolates, cake and sweets among the students. On the occasion, Principal Mr Avani Kamal, asked the students to enjoy the festival of happiness, light and prosperity. Principal Junior Mr Rishi Raj Shanker said that the celebration asks for universal brotherhood, peace and collaboration.


Hindi Week Celebrated at SRMPS

Hindi Week was celebrated with novelty and a lot of enthusiasm at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School. The week long celebration started with story telling activity by class 1 students. Students aped the story telling style of their teachers and were innovative in their activity. The  students took the flight of their imagination and wreathed beautiful stories. The next day the students of class 8 took  proverbs and phrases and wove them in their unique way.  Their originality was praiseworthy. The next day there was essay writing competition on the topic ‘Hindi and its Position in Current Scenario’. Students took great interest and painted the original place of Hindi on the linguistic frontier of our country. Tiny tots also co-related environment with the topic.  Students spoke on the importance of trees for the human beings. The penultimate day was reserved for poetry writing and reading activity. Classes one to eighth participated in it. The students  created magic by their originality and vivid description. The glimpses of  young poets were seen  in the making. The week long activity culminated in Inter –House Debate competition.  The topic was ‘Increasing Impact of Reality Shows has Provided Opportunities to Young Minds to Achieve Success’. Arguments for and against the motion were provided by the students. On the basis of the judgement sheet Aryabhatt House was adjudged the winner followed by  Raman House and Bhaskar House. Garvit Rastogi was declared the best speaker of the competition.

School Principal Mr Avani Kamal gave certificates to the winners and lauded the students for their whole hearted participation in the week long events. He exhorted the students that language plays a very crucial role in the development of the nation and we must be proud of our mother tongue.  Throwing light on the event he said that Hindi has not been declared officially as the national language in India yet it enjoys the same status in the hearts of millionsand milins of people of India.


Young ‘Independent Buddies’ Grooming Activities at SRMPS

Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself. Believing on this motto the young students of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial School were trained by their fellow students. Various recreational and useful activities like ‘Pack your bags’, ‘Arrange your clothes’, personal hygiene, sanitation and grooming etc. were taken up. Students participated with great verve and excitements. It was fun and frolic to see young kids behaving as self dependent and responsible individuals. Tiny Tots of classes I-V were busy like bee. Excitement and smile was visible throughout the day.

It was a great day as students were brimming the entire day. They packed their bags, arranged their beds, put their clothes properly. All these activities form the crux of a boarding school. Students inculcate some very useful habits which make their life systematic and coherent. Personal hygiene and grooming was superb. Day boarder’s students were amazed to see the amount of work boarders do everyday with ease. All the teachers supervised and encouraged the tiny tots. In short it was a day of happy note for all the students.


Dussehra, the Victory of Virtue over Vices,S celebrated @ SRMPS

All the students, teachers and staff of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School gleefully assembled to celebrate Dussehra Festival. Dussehra is celebrated as victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness. On the occasion special videos were shown to enlighten the students the reason behind the celebration. It was told that on this day Lord Ram had defeated Ravan. Ravan stands for evil ad lord Ram symbolizes virtue and goodness. A huge effigy of Ravan was burnt by the students. On the occasion School Principal Mr. Avani Kamal told the students to curb their evil desires, vices and flaws and supplant it with virtue, hard work and dedication. He urged the students to bring laurel by their stupendous success to their families, school and the nation.


SRMPS Celebrates Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School celebrated the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and the second Prime Minister of India Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. The day began with the garlanding of the portrait of Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Students were informed about the contribution of Gandhiji in making India free. Videos of Gandhiji’s biography were shown tracing every movement of his life as how a simple boy named Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi got transformed into Mahatma. His struggle for education and equality and subsequent exploitation and racial discrimination in the hands of the British was highlighted.  How his arrival into the National Movement was like a breeze of fresh air.  A special prayer “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram.....”was recited which was closest to the heart of Gandhiji. A power point presentation was shown in which the thoughts of Gandhi ji were meticulously compiled.  Them movie ‘Gandhi’ was played to enlighten the students towards Gandhi ji’s life principles and movements. It was Gandhiji who dreamt of Independent India, free from the clutches of the British oppressions. On the occasion  school Principal Mr Avani Kamal explained that Gandhiji represents Indian philosophy and psyche. He also proudly  elaborated that to respect Gandhiji and his philosophy of Satya and Ahimsa the  the United Nations General Assembly in June 2007  has declared the Birth Anniversary of Gandhi ji as The International Day of Non-Violence.  This day is oberved throughout the wold with great gusto and jubilation.  Mr Rishi Raj Shanker, Principal Junior, added that Gandhiji was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace twice but due to the clause that this prize can be given only to a living person, this great soul  could not be awarded. All the students were exultant to know that Gandhiji and his messages still remain pertinint and even more refreshing and appealing than ever. The world needs peace more today in the face of Nuclear weapons and terrorism. Another great son of India Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri’s birthday is also celebrated today with great exuberance. Shastri ji, a true follower of Gandhi in letter and spiriti, is known for his simplicity and high ideals. His contribution is also exemplary and unrivalled in the development of India as a great nation.


Cross Country Race

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